Conferences in June 2021

Published: 03/06/2021

June 2021 is packed with professional meetings related to engineering. Organized by the CIMNE Congress Bureau, these meetings are presented as spaces for exchange to share knowledge between researchers, companies and technology developers. All of them will be celebrated on online format due to restrictions linked to COVID19 crisis. 

  • Marine 2021 arrives to its 9th edition by focusing on challenging applications in marine engineering.
  • In CSAI 2021 the advances in technology and the ever-growing role of digital sensors and computers in science will be presented. The event will show the exponential growth in the amount and complexity of (big) data that scientists and industries collect.
  • COUPLED Problems 2021 will present and discuss state of the art, mathematical models, numerical methods and computational techniques for solving coupling problems of multidisciplinary character in science and engineering.
  • ADMOS 2021 provides a forum for presenting and discussing the current state-of-the-art achievements on Adaptive Modeling and Simulation, including theoretical models, numerical methods, algorithmic strategies and challenging engineering applications.