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Call for applications to the position of Director General of CIMNE

Published: 23/07/2021

Call for applicationsThe International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) has launched a call for applications for the position of Director General of the centre.

This is part of a plan proposed by Professor Eugenio Oñate (the current director and founder of the centre in 1987) and in agreement with the institutions that support CIMNE (the Government of Catalonia and the Technical University of Catalonia UPC · BarcelonaTech), in order to ensure a generational change in all the positions of responsibility of the centre.

As a centre belonging to the CERCA system, the selection process of the most suitable candidate for the position will be managed directly by CERCA. The new Director General should take up the position in the first months of 2022. From that moment on, the current director of the centre will collaborate with the new Director General, mainly through his position as Scientific Director of the Severo Ochoa Program of Excellence at CIMNE, to ensure that CIMNE continues to progress, in a sustainable manner, as a centre of reference in its field at an international level.