Felipe Muñoz La Rivera gets his PhD with a research on XR for safety in construction

Published: 11/04/2023

On 28th March, Felipe Muñoz La Rivera successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Framework for an eXtended Reality (XR) solution for holistic safety management in construction", a groundbreaking research on XR for safety in construction qualified as an Excellent Cum Laude by the examination committee.This work has been supervised by Prof. Eugenio Oñate and Dr. Javier Mora.

Felipe Muñoz
Felipe Muñoz La Rivera during his presentation at the UPC Campus Nord

Thesis directorsFrom left to right: the examination committee Prof. David Fonseca Escudero (vocal), Prof. Núria Forcada Matheu (secretary) and Prof. María de las Nieves González García (President), the (at that time) PhD candidate Mr. Felipe Muñoz, and his thesis supervisors, Prof. Eugenio Oñate and Dr. Javier Mora

About the thesis

The purpose of this doctoral thesis is to develop a framework for the generation of extended reality solutions for the holistic management of safety in construction, including both technological features interoperable with BIM information, data and dimensions, and methodological ones, incorporating essential narrative structures to provide solutions with the cultural and human dimension. This objective is broken down into four other specific objectives: (a) To identify the methodological-technological context of the sector; (b) To identify and characterise the factors that affect safety in construction; (c) To analyse the XR mechanisms to address them; (d) To propose a technological and functional framework for an extended reality (XR) solution for safety in construction and to demonstrate the proposed framework through implementation examples.