Two CIMNE researchers will participate at ICEEEP 2023

Published: 21/04/2023

CIMNE scientists will be participating next April 28th, 2023, at the 7th International Conference on Energy Economics and Energy Policy (ICEEEP 2023), hosted by the Technical University of Catalonia. Gerard Laguna and Josep Mayós, both from Building, Energy & Environment group of CIMNE, will be presenting two projects coordinated by the centre: ePlanet and EN-TRACK.


Gerard Laguna will participate, join ICAEN, at “Clustering governance for Energy Transition”, presenting the ePlanet project, which consists on establish an European Public Local Authorities’ Network for driving the Energy Transition. On another hand, Josep Mayós will carry out a talk about the energy efficiency performance-tracking platform for benchmarking savings and investments in buildings, which it is being developed in the framework of the project EN-TRACK.

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