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Fibreship Project in El País

Published: 27/09/2019

Fibreship Project has recently appeared in El País. The daily explains in an extensive article the objectives of this project participated by CIMNE and its spin-off Compass: to overcome the technical challenge of replacing steel in shipbuilding with composite materials and fiber polymers. 

This project of engineering is focused on production and life-cycle management for massive application of FIBRE-based materials in large-length SHIPs. These materials are lighter and the weight reduction involves fuel and emissions savings. In addition, the less a boat weighs, the more cargo capacity it has until it reaches the same draft. "As for maintenance, it does not have corrosion problems, nor does it generate as much noise as steel. It also reduces marine noise pollution that affects many mammals", explained Alfonso Jurado (TSI), coordinator of the project.

Currently, the project works with three prototypes: a 240-meter container ship, a 230-meter passenger or freight transport vessel and an oceanographic vessel of 85. 

In the media:

"¿Y si se pudiesen fabricar grandes barcos sin acero?"

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