New energy saving services from INERGY, a CIMNE spin-off company

Published: 13/07/2021

The Centre for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI), a Public Business Entity answering to the Ministry of Science and Innovation, will support Inergy, a CIMNE spin-off, to develop the tool SIEPro.

Inergy has been one of the beneficiaries of a call for funding aimed at research and development projects. This support will contribute to the improvement of the technological level of Inergy by intensifying its program of development and technological innovation in energy management and efficiency.

Investments directed to the digitalization of the energy sector and specifically to the development of new programming tools allow facing the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition process.


The main objective of this line of innovation is the development of SIEPro, an advanced version of the SIE energy information system that Inergy commercializes and that currently is implemented in more than 300 public and private organizations. The development of SIEPro will contribute increasing the value of the current SIE tool by adding of artificial intelligence and Big Data technologies.

The development of prediction and optimization algorithms for the exploitation of hourly consumption data seeks to improve the connection and management of the energy behavior of building and installation. The new version SIEPro focuses on the impulse and development of self-consumption and the energy communities, since the integration of renewables and the reduction in carbon emissions will be key in the energy transition process.

Some recent Inergy projects

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