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CM3 2021 - 22/24 November, 2021 (Barcelona, Spain)

Published: 17/06/2021


CM3 – Computational Multi Physics, Multi Scales and Multi Big Data, to take place from 22 to 24 November 2021, will offer new opportunities for innovative optimization methods supported by AI (e. g. machine or deep learning). They enable innovative design processes in Industry and research community in the view of the ambitious goal of zero or low emission aviation. Novel design concepts include full electric and hybrid-electric solutions for regional and short-range aircraft, green hydrogen or low carbon fuel powered aircraft and aero-engine architectures as well as autonomous air vehicles and UAS.

CM3 is a tool to achieve two of the objectives of the IIG: strengthening the ECCOMAS industrial liaison and developing contacts between ECCOMAS and the European Commission (in particular the different DGs).