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CIMNE and FWN start up their first portable desalination pilot plant

Published: 25/08/2021

CIMNE has designed, developed and built, in cooperation with its spin-off  Fresh Water Nature, SL (FWN), its first portable desalination pilot plant, based on its patented vacuum distillation technology. The CIMNE and FWN technical team started up the pilot plant at Llobregat Desalination Plant operated by ATL (Ter-Llobregat Water Supply).

The researchers carried out tests in a relevant environment as a part of the SHAKY project, in which the residual heat from hydrogen electrolysis (Ariema) and the residual cold from LNG regasification (E4Efficiency) drive the production of high purity fresh water, which is at the same time the raw material for hydrogen generation.The combination of this three technologies constitutes an example of circular economy.

Collaborating entity with the FEDER INNTERCONECTA project: «Shaky: Funded by: FEDER / Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities - State Research Agency. Project EXP 00111734 / ITC-20181095.

Exterior Desalination
Exterior view

Interior Desalination
Interior view view of the pilot plant

Enagas, E4Efficiency, CIMNE and FWN staff in the pilot plant