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2021, a year in review

Published: 24/12/2021

CIMNE has presented a gallery of images to have a look at the activity of the research centre in 2021. Reviewing the year, we have to regret the loss of two researchers linked to CIMNE: José Santos López and Manuel Casteleiro. However, in 2021 there were also good news: international awards and recognitions for our researchers, new projects, new agreements that will allow us to continue advancing in improving our technological solutions, outreach events and congresses in which we have been able to explain what what we do in the centre, etc.

We close 2021 with the long shadow of the pandemic, but we face 2022 with optimism. Next year, CIMNE celebrates its 35th anniversary and we will have the opportunity to get together and share some memories and milestones reached during our trajectory.

Review 2021