CIMNE is preparing field testing at PLOCAN for isolated locations application of Cool Steam

Published: 22/03/2022


Cool Steam is  is a desalination technology developed by the ICT-Natura department of CIMNE together with Fresh Water Nature spin-off. It is being tested on pilot scale at different field sites in order to evaluate its viability to produce affordable potable water on isolated locations, both from seawater or aquifers salinized by overexploitation, relying on renewable energy sources.

In this way, the Natura group technical staff is now starting a test campaign at the Oceanic Platform of Canarias, in Gran Canaria, within the frame of COOSW and APoema projects.

Working on this development, CIMNE aims to do its small part to contribute to assure a viable safe water access worldwide, as Sustainable Development Goal 6 achievement: water and sanitation for all by 2030.