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Aulas CIMNE’s 6th General Meeting April 30th 2015

Published: 04/06/2015

The 6th General Meeting of Aulas CIMNE was held on April 30th 2015 at the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA).The meeting was attended by representatives of 14 universities participating on the Aulas CIMNE Network. Other participants included 14 academic staff and researchers from other Universities in the Latin American region, officers from the Centro Internacional de Métodos Numéricos en Ingeniería (CIMNE, Barcelona), Fundación CIMNE Latino America (Argentina), as well as researchers from the YPF’s Technology and Research Center for Computational Methods (Argentina).

Attendees to the 6th General Meeting of the Aulas CIMNE Network. ITBA, Buenos Aires (Argentina), April 30th, 2015