Nereidas, pioneering project on reducing CO2

Published: 10/11/2015

Photo credit: Autoridad Portuaria de Melilla

EU representatives and team members who participated in the Nereidas project gathered recently to show to the president of the Autoridad Portuaria de Melilla, Miguel Marín, the results of Nereidas. Following that meeting, the local press (Melilla hoy and El Faro Melilla) has reported the archievements of this pioneering environmental project worldwide.

The Nereidas project, that started in June 2013 and has just finished, has involved an investment of more than 1,8 million euro, 50% funded from the European Union within the Trans-European Transport Network Programme (TEN-T), through the Innovation & Networks Executive Agency (INEA). It has been developed by the Autoridad Portuaria de Melilla, ATISAE, CIMNE, the Universidad de Murcia and CONTESMA & COMPROTEC.

This successful pilot project applies environmental restoration techniques for diminishing the environmental impacts of ports based on the use of two native species of algae (Cymodocea Nodosa and Ellisolandia Elongata). In this way, it is possible to reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere by the sea effect, so this project will probably be carried out in a second phase. In fact, Marin announced that the creation of 10 hectares of structures aimed at developing these algal species which would reduce by 10% the environmental damage in Melilla.

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