C++ Object Oriented programming for numerical simulation

Published: 08/03/2016

Thursday, March 10, 2016. Time: 15h

Place: C1-001 Room, C1 Building, UPC Campus Nord, Barcelona.

Speaker: Dr. Pooyan Dadvand, CIMNE.


In this cafe a brief introduction to object oriented design will be given and its application to numerical simulation codes will be discussed. The main objective is to verify how object oriented patterns can be applied to different part of a numerical code in order to improve the flexibility or reduce reimplementation of the code. A basic understanding of C++ is required in order to understand the examples given, however the conceptual part is language-independent. Static and dynamic polymorphism and design patterns are the main part of this cafe.


Pooyan Dadvand is a civil engineer with master in seismic engineering and Ph.D. in numerical methods in engineering. He is the one of the main designers and developers of Kratos Multiphysics which is an open source environment for the development of parallel multi-physics programs.