CIMNE spin-off company Buildair's technology in Horizon Magazine of the European Commission

Published: 21/07/2016


‘Horizon’, the EU Research & Innovation Magazine edited by the European Commission (EC), has highlighted the uLites project carried out by Buildair, one of the 16 spin-offs companies of CIMNE. “Inflatable, self-sustaining and extendable – the new breed of emergency shelter” is the title of the article where the EC explains the heart of the technology developed by Buildair.

The project consists of “a new breed of emergency shelter with built-in solar power, a backpack that gives access to mobile charging and a bag that converts manure into cooking gas are among the new generation of emergency response kits that could help people survive in the wake of a disaster that knocks out their energy supply”, describes the magazine that highlights the findings in this area. "Thanks to a host of new materials and technologies emergency facilities are getting smarter – and they don't have to be hooked up to the electricity grid to do so”. Normally, inflatable shelters require a power source to maintain their shape and ensure they do not deflate over time, but “the integrated solar panels on the uLites shelter provide this energy, meaning they can be deployed in areas that are completely cut off".

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