ENERGY EFFICIENCY / BIG DATA: Flexedinet project, supported by the Government of Catalonia

Published: 18/08/2016

The project Flexedinet has been included in the RIS3CAT Community of efficient and sustainable energy that is coordinated by the Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya (IREC) and promoted by ACCIÓ with the goal of transforming sectorally the catalan economy through new innovative products and services. To this end, the Government of Catalonia will allocate 19 million euros from European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to five large research and innovation projects including Flexedinet, a project led by Inergy which also involved CIMNE, Saltó and Enertika-Wattabit.


This project aims to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings and the tertiary sector, through the development of ICT tools and it is estimated to achieve minimum savings of 20%. Also, it will lasting energy consumption of buildings through the development of ICT tools with the ability to motivate and train the different types of users (administration and management, maintenance and control and end users) and also optimizing interaction with the energy market hours. Within the project, Inergy assume the development of the functionality of "energy coaching billing and energy efficiency Time" through the integration of its implementation of energy management SIE with the platform of data analysis developed by BeeGroup, the unit of energy efficiency of CIMNE. This feature will allow you to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of functioning of the equipment and the demand for user comfort.

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