The ICT CIMNE, the University of Vigo and Ferri create an autonomous marine vehicle focused on transport and surveillance

Published: 30/05/2016

The company Industrias Ferri from Vigo (Spain) continues to bet on innovation. After building the first multifunction robot dedicated to work in hazardous environments in Spain and the largest offshore crane made in the country (43 meter range), the company is now launching the creation of a drone ship.


The major difference of this system, compared to other drone ships type currently being built, is that this boat has precise instructions departure and destination. It also has the ability to overcome obstacles to be found along the way autonomously thanks to the technology jointly developed by Ferri, the University of Vigo and CIMNE.

The developers of this project ensure that currently there is nothing like it on the market. They also believe this technology could be applied to ships for surveillance and transport, as well as in hazardous environments. For example, it could serve to prevent piracy or for monitoring a conflict area. Also, in case of fire, the vehicle could get as close as possible without risking lives.

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