What We Do - For Researchers

Promote the participation in and spread information about open calls.

We search continuously for financing. We do the dissemination of the Information about the open calls for R&D projects to the groups of researchers for whom It can be interesting, as well as the

Information about scholarships and other additional help.

Assistance in the preparation of project proposals.

We work in the preparation of some parts of the project proposals. We prepare the economic-administrative sections and those which refer to the scientific-technical history of the group. Furthermore,we give support to the researchers concerningadministrative issues,like filling in the online questionnaires, gatheringthe legal documents and information from different partners.In other words,we make sure that the proposals are submitted intime and they fuHill with the eligibility criteria.

Financial management of the projects l+D (follow up).

We are responsible for all the activities concerning the negotiation phase of the contracts with the European commission. Once the project running, we supervise the technical part and coordinate the economic­ administrative side of that project.

In the moment of the preparation of the economic report, we are responsible for the justification of the expenses, we make sure that the reports are delivered in time,that the grants are distributed correctly and we control the incomes.

We ensure the compliance with the applicable financial regulations and the audit requirements.

In case CIMNE is the coordinator of a project in cooperation,we advise the partners on the administrative and economic matters during the execution of the project,we help them prepare reports and check the correctness of the documents.

Research Fellowships:

Besides the above mentioned activities we are also responsible for other activities which give support to the researchers. This includes the support in the preparation of the applications of pre- doctoral and post- doctoral scholarships and contracts to different organizations, the preparation of the request for financial support of conferences and the preparation of more general support, like mobility...

In all cases,we also manage the obtained grants during their lifetime. Other:

Legal advice to the different internal departments.