A partir de julio de 2017, RIMNI pasa a publicarse en

I am pleased to inform you that from July 2017 onwards the Revista Internacional de Métodos Numéricos para Cálculo y Diseño en Ingeniería (RIMNI) will be published in Open Access format on the Scipedia platform. Scipedia is a new initiative promoted by CIMNE, to promote the Open Access publication. With this initiative we hope to ensure the journal's survival and increase its prestige, diffusion and impact.

You can see a brief presentation of the capabilities of Scipedia at https://goo.gl/XNfjQb and on the web itself.

One of the main advantages offered by Scipedia for RIMNI is that it can manage each article from the original document format (Word or Latex). In this way all its parts will be identifiable by Google robots and other search engines. Articles can also be edited online (wikitext) to include text, videos, presentations, data files, models, etc. Copies in PDF or EPUB format for eBooks.F can be automatically generated.

On the other hand, articles can be commented and punctuated by their readers, which will build a ranking of their "popularity", as well as increasing the "prestige" of the author and commentators.

Another innovation in the new proposal is that the review of the articles will be done by a group of persons chosen from a Panel of Reviewers, automatically selected according to their area of expertise and that of the article. Each possible evaluator selected will be able to evaluate the article and for this he/she will have to take a positive action in this regard within Scipedia. From that moment a dialogue will be opened between the reviewer(s) and the author. This dialogue will be transparent to the author and all the reviewers involved, whose names will remain anonymous. The article will be accepted or rejected when a minimum of reviewers so determine, depending on a series of weights related to the "prestige" of each reviewer. This prestige will vary depending on the activity of the reviewer in the evaluation process and other activities for which his / her collaboration with the journal is required.

Naturally, the Editors of RIMNI will be able to intervene to correct conflicting situations and ensure that all articles are reviewed. This review procedure is already used in several Open Access journals and aims to involve more the scientific community related to the journal, besides automating the evaluation procedure, while maintaining the parameters of rigor and quality.

In addition to the above, the possibility of writing articles in Spanish, Portuguese or English will continue. A fee of 700 eur per article will still be charged to cover the costs of managing the journal. We are looking at ways of co-financing this cost so that it can be reduced.

Of course RIMNI would continue to be indexed in the databases of the Web of Knowledge and, therefore, would be part of the journals indexed in the JCR. In that sense, I would like to inform you that the impact factor (IF) of RIMNI in 2016 was 0.431, a number that doubles the IF of the previous year.

As a former author of RIMNI we encourage you to learn the capabilities of Scipedia and to use this platform in the way that is most useful to you. We also hope that you will continue to publish your work in RIMNI.


Eugenio Oñate y Sergio Idelsohn
RIMNI Editors

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