Saturday, January 19, 2019
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The Catalan Institute of Finance invests one million euros in Buildair

The Capital Expansió fund of the Catalan Institute of Finance (ICF, according its acronym in catalan), a public financial institution owned by the Government of Catalonia, has invested one million euros in the capital of Buildair, a spin-off of CIMNE specialized in the des...


Lluís Monforte, new doctor at CIMNE

On November 5th, 2018, the researcher of CIMNE Lluís Monforte has been awarded his PhD by the Technical University of Catalonia. Dr. Monforte presented his thesis entitled Insertion Problems in Geomechanics with the Particle Finite Element Method, which...


A delegation of the Government of Catalonia visits CIMNE

On  October 17th, 2018, a delegation of the Department of Business and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia visited the premises of CIMNE at the UPC North Campus in Barcelona. The delegation was formed by Ms. Marta Felip, General Secretary of Business and Knowledge, Prof. Xavier Grau, ...


CIMNE collaborates in the stability studies of the right slope of Yesa reservoir

CIMNE will participate in the project for a stability study of the right bank of Yesa reservoir tendered by the Government of Navarra to Geoconsult. The project consists of the geotechnical analysis of the unstable slope and its interaction with the dam. The work involves the de...


CIMNE scientists Prof. Xavier Oliver and Dr. Oriol Lloberas receive the UPC’s Teaching Initiative Award

The CIMNE scientists Prof. Xavier Oliver and Dr. Oriol Lloberas-Valls, both also academics of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), have been awarded with the 21st Teaching Initiative Award (2018), by the Technical University of Ca...


PhD thesis awarded to Javier San Mauro

On September 20th, 2018, the researcher of CIMNE premises in Madrid Javier San Mauro has been awarded his PhD by the Technical University of Madrid. Dr. San Mauro presented his thesis entitled Design of wedge-shaped block spillways, which was qualified as Excellent “Cum Laude&rd...

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