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Work Plan

Description of the Workplan

Work in the project is organized in the following workpackages and tasks.

WP1. Specification of prospective strategy and work plans

  • T1.1 Specification of AEROCHINA Communication System and Database
  • T1.2 Definition of strategy for state of the art survey data collection and storage
  • T1.3 Identification of test cases
  • T1.4 Specification of dissemination and exploitation plan
WP2. Web based AEROCHINA Communication System
  • T2.1 Development of AEROCHINA Communication System
  • T2.2 Installation and maintenance of AEROCHINA Communication System
  • T2.3 Multidisciplinary database tools
  • T2.4 Database management
WP3. State of the art review and collection of data
  • T3.1 Models
  • T3.2 Numerical design optimization methods
  • T3.3 Simulation results
  • T3.4 Experimental methods
  • T3.5 Test results
  • T3.6 Data Quality assessment
WP4. Identification of future joint multiphysics RTD activities
  • T4.1 New Multidisciplinary models
  • T4.2 New Numerical and simulation methods
  • T4.3 New Experimental method and results
WP5. Dissemination activities
  • T5.1 Kick-off conference event
  • T5.2 Workshop event
  • T5.3 Technical meeting and seminar
  • T5.4 General dissemination and exploitation activities
WP6. Project Management
  • T6.1 Project management
Workplan Rationales

Work in WP1 will focus in the collective assessment and report on the strategy to be followed for the development of the project objectives, identifying any gap activities and redundancies. The technical specifications of the web-based AEROCHINA Communication System will also be defined in WP1. Additional work will include the initial specification of the data collection and quality assessment procedures and the dissemination and exploitation plans.

The AEROCHINA Communication System will be developed in WP2. Work will focus on the development of the web structure, the data storage and the communication procedures.

The development and management of the multidisciplinary database will be part of the activities in WP2.

WP3 will focus in the state of the art review and collection of existing multidisciplinary mathematical models, numerical and experimental methods, simulation results and test results. Data collected will be stored in the database within the AEROCHINA Communication System. The definition of data quality assessment procedures will also be a task in WP3.

WP4 will focus in the definition of RTD activities which will deserve further joint RTD work in Europe and China for analysis and design optimization of multiphysics problems in aeronautics. The exercise will be carried out for multiphysics models, numerical and simulation methods, experimental methods and test cases. Both scientific and industrial aspects will be considered. Specific RTD activities that are mature for joint proposal in FP7 will be defined.

The organization of a kick-off conference and one workshop in Europe aiming to disseminating both internally and externally the information compiled in the AEROCHINA project will be carried out in WP5.

WP6 will deal with the project management tasks.

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