Tuesday, February 28, 2017
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Research Topic Principal Investigator
Decision support systems in engineering. Internet tools. Embedded ICT systems. App technology. Internet of Things. J. Jiménez
Parallel structured and unstructured mesh generation. Graphical visualization of big data sets. Development of the GiD pre-postprocessor, www.gidhome.com. A. Coll
Medical image processing and analysis: 3D/4D medical images processing to create computational models E. Soudah and J. Pérez
Relevant Publications

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Robust volume mesh generation for non-watertight geometries.
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Design of an arduino shield for ota programming.
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Soudah E., Pennecot J., Pérez J., Bordone M., Oñate E.
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Fuel cells state of the art.
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Sarrate J. and Huerta A.
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Sarrate J. and Huerta A.
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