Structural Mechanics

The objective of the Structural Mechanics Group is the development of innovative numerical methods for analysis of structures of standard materials (metallic materials and concrete), as well as structures incorporating new materials such as composites and hybrid materials.

The numerical methods developed by the group include the finite element method (FEM) and a number of particle-based computational techniques, such as the discrete element method (DEM) and the particle finite element method (PFEM), among others.

Emphasis is put in the combination of the FEM and particle-based techniques for the solution of multidisciplinary problems in solid and structural mechanics involving multi-physics situations such as thermal-mechanical coupling, fluid-soil-structure interaction and frictional contact effects, among others.

Applications include the analysis of structures in the civil and environmental engineering sector, aerospace structures, marine structures and structural components in surface transport vehicles (cars, trucks, trains, ships, etc.) and structures in the oil and gas sector, among others.