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Large Scale Scientific Computing

  • Uncertainty quantification and inverse problems (PIs J.Hampton, J.Principe)
    • Development of large scale workflows for multilevel Monte Carlo algorithms; design of embedded Multilevel Monte Carlo methods for stochastic domain simulations.

  • Inverse problems (PIs D. García, S. Badia)
    • Design of large scale inverse solvers for saline wedge simulations; adaptive goal-oriented solvers for measurement error reduction; novel adaptive parameter spaces.

  • Unfitted finite element discretisations (PIs F. Verdugo, M. Caicedo, S. Badia)
    • Aggregated finite element methods; high order unfitted schemes; aggregated mixed finite elements; applications in computational solid and fluid mechanics

  • Mixed finite element methods for fusion (PIs J. Bonilla, S. Badia)
    • Mixed finite element methods for inductionless magnetohydrodynamics; application to the simulation of breeding blankets in fusion reactors

  • Novel abstractions in finite element software (PIs F. Verdugo, V. Sande, S. Badia)
    • Lazy and ummutable implementation of finite element methods; Julia-based implementation of finite element codes