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  • Stabilized finite element methods for problems involving waves, viscoelastic flows, compressible flows, shallow water flows, magneto-hydro-dynamics and approximation of eigenvalues (PI: R. Codina).
  • Efficient time integration schemes, including algebraic fractional step schemes for incompressible flows (PI: R. Codina).
  • Meshless methods in CFD (PIs: S. Idelsohn and  E.Oñate).
  • Acoustic analogies in incompressible flows, direct numerical simulation of sound, aeroacoustics in time dependent domains, application to human voice simulation. (PIs: R. Codina and J. Baiges).
  • Numerical simulation of turbulence, estimation of optical parameters of turbulent atmospheres, application to telescope visibility. (PIs: R. Codina).
  • Reduced order models in fluid mechanics (ROM) (PIs: R. Codina and S. Idelsohn).
  • Topology optimization in fluid-structure interaction. (PIs: R. Codina and J. Baiges).
  • Domain decomposition, fluid-structure interaction, thermally coupled flows (PIs: R. Codina and S. Idelsohn).