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Industrial Manufacturing Processes


  • Advanced Manufacturing Processes:
  • (Additive Manufacturing, Friction Stir Welding, Electron Beam Welding, Shaped Metal Deposition, Casting processes, Metal Forming)

    The IMP Group develops efficient computational tools with reliable predictive capabilities for the enhanced-accuracy and high-fidelity simulation of multi-physics and multi-scale Advanced Manufacturing Processes. The current focus is on processes involving metallic alloys and polymers.

    Related to this research line, the IMP Group develops Advanced thermo-mechanical algorithms and Advanced mixed finite element technologies

  • Constitutive Modeling and Computational Failure Mechanics
  • The IMP Groups develops new constitutive models appropriate for mechanical and civil engineering materials. These include isotropic and orthotropic plasticity models appropriate for metallic and polymeric industrial parts and components and damage models for civil engineering structures.

    Related to this research line, the IMO group also develops Advanced Computational Procedures for the Assessment of Mechanical Performance and Failure Analysis of structures and components. These include optimization of fabrication procedures, analytical and numerical determination of failure loads and mechanisms, etc.