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Research and Innovation lines

  • Geometry creation, importation and edition (PI. Enrique Escolano)
    • Computational geometry for advanced CAD, CAE and CAM applications, considering the requirements from several fields such as numerical simulations, design or 3D printing.

  • Mesh Generation (PI. Abel Coll)
    • Robust and efficient meshing techniques for several simulations fields, such as electromagnetics, structural analysis, fluid dynamics and more.

  • Interfacing between preprocessor, solvers and postprocessor (PI. Javier Gárate)
    • Generation of semi-automatic interfaces between solvers and 3D environments able to assign all the needed information to the geometry and mesh to run calculations, and receive the solver data to visualize and post-process the results.

  • Visualization of huge amount of data in a 3D environment (PI. Miguel Pasenau)
    • Specific techniques to post-process and visualize huge amounts of distributed data coming from solvers, specifically the ones running in HPC or cloud infrastructures.

  • Cloud software architectures for 3D simulation environments (PI. Adrià Melendo)
    • Development and deployment of cloud environments specifically adapted to work with 3D environments for numerical simulations.
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