The main objective of the group is to solve complex biomedical engineering problems by applying numerical models, machine learning techniques and virtual and augmented reality models.

The Biomedical Engineering (BME) group offers software solutions to automatically transform medical imaging to create a 3D digital twins of the patients to help diagnostics, to virtually try treatments, and to automatically design optimal braces and devices.One of the main areas of activity of the BME group is the field of personalized cardiovascular devices. For medical companies and physicians who need to improve their personalized designs, BME brings innovative tools based on our numerical simulation technology to better design cardiovascular medical devices during the pre-prototype stage. We aim at making patient care more personalized and secured. The group has a strong background in the cardiovascular, dental and respiratory areas.

At present, we are developing Augmented & Virtual reality methodologies for improving the healthcare system. We are applying augmented reality techniques for breast and liver surgeries. We have developed an API to couple Unity and KRATOS frameworks. This API is able to provide augmented real simulations. The group has a clear practical approach, and includes among its capabilities the development of customized user medical interfaces.