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New technologies under valorization process during year 2020

  • Smart Water: IOT device to measure water consumption from home, clubs, hotels application.
    • Smart water is an easy-to-install, non-invasive water consumption sensor system that allows the user to track and visualize their water consumption.
    • It allows to become aware to make a more responsible consumption at a particular level and to generate data (big data) to obtain quantitative information at a macro level, in order to take better decisions and generate more efficient consumption strategies and policies.
  • Applications of inflatable technologies to support formworks of large sizes in sewers, dams and galleries.
    • The application of large scale inflatable elements covered with special protection material to allow the projection of concreate over the structure.
    • This new technique may drastically reduce the needed to construct formworks, which are very demanding of heavy materials, human and heavy machinery resources.
  • Applications of Tensairity technology to increase portable capability of formworks for bridges.
    • The use of Tensairity technology developed for the Ultra-lightweight bridges can help to reduce the amount of steel needed in large formworks.
    • It is expected to reduce about 3 times the need of heavy steel frames, reducing time and resources needed to set-up large formworks in roads, bridge and buildings.
  • Applications of IOT, Digital Signage and Smart Communications to support operations and maintenance in municipalities and public spaces.
    • Use of IOT technologies to improve the interaction of different physical elements in the municipalities with the citizens and maintenance staff.
    • The system is based into the application of smart intelligent signages connected to a smart information management system. Allowing users to access required information just approaching their mobiles phones to the signages.
  • Inflatable Breakwaters for sand beach protection
    • Existing solutions are based into Rigid Transversal breackwaters, that decrease the incipent wave height to reduce the These solutions are permanent unless they are not needed all the time, and it is an obstacle for natural refreshment of seawater, causing another important impact into the environment.
    • Main advantage of the new inflatable breakwaters is that they can be deployed only during storms and deflated otherwise. At the same time reducing the affection to the flora and fauna.