Laboratory of River Dynamics and Hydrological Engineering

The research group of River Dynamics and Hydrologic Engineering manages a laboratory which offers different services in the fields of river hydrodynamics, urban hydrology, reservoir dynamics, dam hydraulics, explotation of irragation canals and fluid-soil-structure interaction. These services are open to the industry and private sector. All of them are detailed on the CERCAGINYS platform.

What is CERCAGinys?


The access portal to the scientific infrastructures of the CERCA centres CERCAGINYS is a platform to access at the scientific and technical infrastructures of the 41 CERCA centres. The web, public from September 2022, includes platforms some 200 classified by categories and by quality accreditations.

The initiative expects to optimize the access to these facilities for the entire scientific and technological community and, especially, demonstrate the possibility that the private business and industrial sector can also use it to access of highly qualified technical personnel.

The proposal is a part of a larger project, linked to the Infrastructure's Action Plan funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Government of Spain through i-CERCA. The agreement with the Ministry recognizes the existence of a system of centres in Catalonia and opens the door to the future creation of a virtual ICTS.

CERCAGINYS is funded by:
Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovacion