Creation of CIMNE
He is the founder in 1987 of CIMNE (International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering) . CIMNE is a consortium between the Generalitat of Catalonia and the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña. CIMNE is a research center specialized in the development and application of numerical methods in engineering and applied sciences. CIMNE employs nowadays some 150 scientists and engineers from 25 different countries. The research activities of CIMNE cover a wide range of engineering fields (civil, mechanical, aerospace, naval, bio-medical, food processing, etc.). CIMNE has taken part in some 750 RTD projects in cooperation with industries. 135 of these projects were supported by the EC. CIMNE established in 2002 the CIMNE Classroom Network which incorporates 15 members in Spain and several countries in South America (Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Perú, Cuba, El Salvador and Guatemala). CIMNE has been recognized as a Singular Scientific and Technical Infrastructure by the Ministry of Science and Education in Spain.