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International Centre for
Numerical Methods in Engineering

The Large Scale Scientific Computing group develops novel finite element formulations for solid mechanics and fluid dynamics (turbulent incompressible and compressible flows). It is particularly focused on the scalability of the whole simulation process on the largest supercomputers today. In this sense, it develops novel domain decomposition preconditioners and implementations that are scalable at extreme scales.

Recently, it is extending the linear solver framework to deal with nonlinear and space-time preconditioning. Recent efforts are being put on scalable solvers for embedded boundary methods, in order to eliminate the non-scalable body-fitted meshing step and the extension of our schemes to highly heterogeneous systems. The group’s research has applied to magnetohydrodynamics applications in fusion reaction and now it is facing the challenging simulation of additive manufacturing (3D printing) processes.

All the developments of the group are implemented in its own open source code FEMPAR, which has proved sustained scalability up to half a million processors and 2 million MPI tasks on the JUQUEEN supercomputer.