Fluid Mechanics

The Fluid Mechanics Group focuses on the development of mathematical models and numerical methods for the solution of a wide range of problems in engineering and other applied sciences involving external and internal flows.

Simulation of turbulent flow around observation sites to determine the optical quality0 Numerical simulation of human voice1 Flow of viscoelastic fluids with free surface2

Applications include, among others, high speed compressible flows, turbulent flows, shallow water flows, flow in porous media, aero-acoustics, wave propagation, viscoelastic fluids, bio-flows and many multidisciplinary coupled problems involving fluids, such as magneto-hydro-dynamics, fluid-structure interaction, and thermal flows.

From the point of view of the numerical techniques, the group works actively in areas such as stabilized finite element methods for flow problems, accurate and efficient time integration schemes (including fractional step methods), embedded mesh methods, reduced order models, topology optimization, adaptive mesh refinement schemes and parallel computing.