Productive PECT InnoDelta Meeting Lab at CIMNE Castelldefels

Published: 21/06/2022

On 10th June, 2022, was taken place a Lab Meeting of the project PECT InnoDelta. It is a territorial specialization and competitiveness project financed by the Government of Catalonia and the European Commission through FEDER funds. Its mission is to create a laboratory territory of the industrial network to promote environmental, social and economic sustainability solutions.

Innodelta project
Innodelta Lab Meeting attendees

The event was held at the offices of CIMNE in the PMT Campus of Castelldefels. CIMNE participates as a technological partner in this project coordinated by the Viladecans City Council. The partnership PECT InnoDelta is formed by administrations, local entities and research centres.

CIMNE participated actively in this Lab by presenting its service portfolio to the members of the partnership. Anna Font, managing director of CIMNE, was presented CIMNE at a glance. She spoke about the research and administration structure of the centre, by highlighting its technological transfer potential and its congresses bureau. Alicia Pallarés, from the project management department, explained how works this unit with the mission of get funding through competitive projects in the pre-award stage and managing it after it has been awarded.

Researchers Javier Mora, Pere-Andreu Ubach, Jordi Pons-Prats, Óscar Fruitós, Javier Príncipe and Naeria Navarro presented engineering solutions in different fields like digitalization, inflatable structures, aeronautics, infrastructures resilience, HPC codes, additive manufacturing or desalination technologies.

Jordi Jiménez, director of technology transfer of CIMNE and Sergio Otero, commercial director of CIMNE, were on charge of presenting the technology transfer philosophy, structure and solutions in tech transfer of the research centre.

After the presentations, the attendees of the event participated in a meeting focussed on the search of contact points between needs of the administration and entities and solutions that could be given by technological partners.