"Fabricació a Europa i Regions d'Interés" project aims to link research centres from different regions in Europa, with the main goal of ease the communication channels and encourage the relations among them, with special interest on preparing common responses to be presented at the 7FP. FER wants to be a significant boost on the efforts to achieve the next level on quality and quantity of the research in the participating regions. Is the desire of the partners of this project to set the bases of co-working web among European Universities, research centres and companies centered on production technologies field, in order to be prepared on the near future to present collaborative projects in the maximum number of possible scenarios.

In particular, this project aims to:

  • Stimulating a stable structure for coordination and cooperation between research centres.
  • Share the deals and knowledge and technology needs identified in the sector.
  • Guide lines of research centers and companies around demands made ​​by industry and common interests.
  • Disseminate the project activities to increase public interest in the relations between universities and companies.
  • The realization of all this activity in the preparation and development of joint research projects on topics specific to the production and compatible with the 7FP calls that are in force during the completion of the proposal.