Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the enrolment deadlines of the PhD studies?
PhD candidates that apply for the EMJD-SEED program between October and January year n, must enrol in their Primary Institution between August year n+1, and March year n+2.

I have taken a master course which is fully taught in English. Do I still need to prove my English skills and pass the IELTS
No, students that have a degree in an Erasmus Mundus master course or any another Master which is fully taught in English already meet the language requirements.

I have studied a master course in a European country. Can I spend part of my EM Doctorate in this country?
EMJD-SEED doctoral candidates will visit 2 European countries during their training/research periods, but these countries must be different from the country in which the doctoral candidate has obtained his/her last university degree. However, doctoral candidates with a joint, multiple or double degree can select the award country of their choice.

I have studied a Erasmus Mundus Master course. Can I still be considered a Category A student?
Yes. Students that have studied an Erasmus Mundus Master Course can be considered Category A student even if they have spent more than 12 months in Europe over the last 5 years.

I am currenty finishing an internship as part of my master's degree. Can I apply to the EMJD-SEED programme?
One of the requirements of the PhD candidates is to have a Master's degree, and include the full transcript of their marks. This information must be submitted by the admission deadline. If the degree (or a temporary certificate indicating that the whole master has been completed) is not submitted, the application will not be considered. The consortium encourages those students with uncompletted transcript to apply for the SEED programme in the next academic year.

I am finishing the Master degree oneor two months after the deadline. Can I still apply?
Yes, but you must send a supporting document from your university stating the expected date for completing your Master of Science. Note that if you don't finish before the programme starts (September) then you will lose your fellowship.

Are there any exceptions to the "12-month rule" applicable to Category A doctoral candidate fellowships?
Yes. Former Erasmus Mundus Masters course scholarship-holders are exempted from the 12-month rule (for the time that they spent in Europe studying for an Erasmus Mundus Masters course) and may apply for category A fellowships.

I have an old TOEFL/IELTS test do I have to re-take it?
We will accept older TOEFL/IELTS tests, but it cannot be older than 5 years.

After we submit the application form and required documents at the virtual center of the SEED program, do we still have/need to send hard copies of application form and documents by regular post?
No, all the application process must be completed online. There is no need to send hardcopies by regular mail or to send them by email.

I am a Category B student. In which countries can I spend my docotrate activities?
The two countries visited during the SEED activities must be different from the country in which you have obtained your last university degree. If you have a joint, multiple, or double degree, you can select the award country of your choice.

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