Structure of the studies

Each SEED PhD student will visit a Primary Institution (PI) and a Secondary Institution (SI), and will be involved in a particular topic for a 3-4 years period, depending on the visited institutions and the evolution of the research activity. Students visiting Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e) will pursue a 4-year PhD programme.
Category B students cannot visit during the SEED activities the country in which they obtained their last university degree. If they have a joint, multiple, or double degree, they can select the award country of their choice.

The SEED program is structured in the following 3 phases:

  • - Phase I at PI, 1 year
  • - Phase II at SI, 1 year
  • - Phase III at PI, 1-2 years

Each PhD student is supervised by at least one supervisor at PI, and at least one co-supervisor at SI. Programs with strong industry participation may include an additional supervisor from one of the industrial associated partners.

Training is completed through the following aspects:

  • - Research skills (28 ECTS*): basic and advanced computational techniques.
  • - Transferable skills (15 ECTS*): communication skills, preparing research proposals, scientific writing…
  • - Sumer Schools (6 ECTS*): attendance and participation in summer school
  • - Industrial Training (11 ECTS*): entrepreneurship and industrial placements

    * 1 ECTS = 25-30 hours of work, 60 ECTS =1 year of studies


The eight universities participating in the EMJD-SEED program are internationally recognized institutions in the area of numerical modeling. Their specific fields of expertise are distributed according to the following table:

Research directions

Each SEED PhD student will be involved in a particular research line related to the competences of the two visited institutions (Primari and Secondary Institutions). Further details on the PhD topics will be communicated briefly.

Tuition fees

The cost of the EMJD-SEED tuition is 7200 EUR/year for European and non-European students. The EM fellowship fully covers those fees, which include:

  • - Tuition fees/registration
  • - Teaching/Training fees
  • - Summer school participation
  • - Insurance covering all the visited countries.