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  • High-fidelity simulations of complex phenomena. Development of high-order approximations (in particular, hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin) with exact geometric description (via NURBS-enhanced FEM) of engineering problems. PIs: A. Huerta and M. Giacomini.

  • Robust low-order solvers for large-scale problems. Development of innovative finite volume strategies and integration in open-source libraries for fast computation of industrial problems. PIs: A. Huerta and M. Giacomini.

  • Reduced order models for parametric studies. Development of surrogate models (via proper generalized decomposition) for real-time solution of parametric problems. PIs: A. Huerta and M. Giacomini.

  • Credibility of computational engineering solutions. Development of certification techniques for reliable simulations with goal-oriented error control and adaptivity. PIs: A. Huerta.

  • Open-source solutions for industrial problems. Development of open-source software and application to fluid, solid, electromagnetics and multi-physics problems of industrial interest. PIs: A. Huerta and M. Giacomini.