The current stable distribution of PARACHUTES is version 2.0. Its main features are:

  • Fully coupled explicit solution of parachute-payload systems.

  • Aerodynamic, structural and trajectory data for design and testing can be obtained with low computational requirements.

  • User-specified maneuvers can be performed during the simulation. The software can be also adapted to test automatic control and guidance strategies (GNC).

  • User-friendly graphical interface based on CIMNE's pre and post-processor GiD (visit

  • Satisfactory parallel scalability in modest hardware platforms.

  • The solution modules can be used independently. This allows solving different aerodynamic and structural problems (subject to prescribed steady or unsteady loads) into the same program environment.

  • The software can be customized to meet users' specific needs.

Since PARACHUTES is a program in development, improvements and new features will be gradually incorporated in future software releases. Some of the current lines of investigation are:

  • Semi-empirical models for parachute deployment and inflation.

  • Improved reefing strategies (sliding cables and contact algorithms).

  • Vortex methods for simulating flow separation (intended for circular parachutes).

See program updates and latest versions in Download Page.

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