In spite of the fact that PARACHUTES allows for fully coupled trajectory analyses, practical applications often require simulation times as low as possible. With this purpose, a set of real-time trajectory tools named PARASIM was developed.

  • PARASIM is a 6-DoF dynamic simulator based on a parametric aerodynamic model.

  • The solver includes autonomous guidance, navigation and control (GNC) routines implemented by means of a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) algorithm.

  • PARASIM predicts the behavior of the parachute system with a very low cost, making feasible real-time mission analysis.

PARASIM and PARACHUTES can work together

The control routines in PARASIM can be used to implement automatic control strategies for testing in PARACHUTES; and the latter can assist in adjusting the parametric aerodynamic model employed in PARASIM. It is known that an accurate parametric model requires a complete set of aerodynamic derivatives to be obtained through experimental and/or numerical means. Since experiments are expensive and very time consuming, and often there are no enough data available, PARACHUTES can be an attractive tool to assist in characterizing the aerodynamics of the system under study. See an example of application here.
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