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About Us

Aulas CIMNE Network Project

The clear need to generalize knowledge and application of Numerical Methods in a global context is behind the idea of the creation of “Aulas CIMNE” (note “Aulas” is the Spanish word for “Classroom”) specialized in this discipline and distributed worldwide. The Aulas CIMNE Network aim is to become key in promoting the exchange of knowledge and tools between different types of entities relevant to the world of Numerical Methods. Also intended to be a source to support those groups that in the process of growth can greatly benefit from the services offered.


  • Prominent projection and dissemination of developments in each group to an international market through the Aulas CIMNE Network.
  • Exclusive access to tools and knowledge sharing.
  • Publication of international articles, monographs, technical reports, and other.
  • Channeling public funding participating in international R&D projects.
  • Special fees in training courses to Aulas CIMNE staff members.
  • Opportunities to promote services and products developed within the CIMNE Classroom Network.


An Aulas CIMNE Network constituted by universities and companies actively exchanging knowledge and tools, thus achieving an active partnership that generates and develops services and products that make the network sustainable.


  • Be recognized worldwide as the network of expert units in the field of Numerical Methods applied to engineering.
  • To be an international network with Aulas CIMNE established in every continent.
  • Create free international exchange of knowledge and tools in numerical methods, among Network members through previously established policies.
  • Support with computers, software, library materials, etc., all those members who at the time integration in the network require this kind of support.
  • Promote international R&D joint projects between members.
  • Increase international researcher mobility between Aulas CIMNE for short or long periods.
  • Build a database of all the generated products and services developed by the Aulas CIMNE in the Network.
  • Lead the Numerical Methods training in the international market targeting different potential sectors.
  • Provision of consulting services to the public and private sector through the experience and skills of Aulas CIMNE members.
  • Provide solutions on an international level for successful execution of all types of engineering problems.
  • Promote products and services that enable the financial network sustainability.