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The HyperMembrane Demonstration Action is a direct follow on from the HYPERMEMBRANE FP7-SME-2011-BSG “Research for SME’s” project. (Grant Agreement number 286485- Full title: “Development of an adaptable structure for architecture applications”- Acronym: “HyperMembrane”). The HYPERMEMBRANE FP7-SME-2011-BSG started in September 2011 and at the writing of this proposal is in its last year for conclusion. The results are extremely successful and the consortium is strongly determined to push forward their efforts to be able to enter the market with the revolutionary Design&Construction System HyperMembrane developed.

Construction industry has a disturbing lack of technification when compared to other building industries (aerospace, car, shipping…). This is an abnormal situation that generates extremely negative social and economic consequences (low quality of the product, high accident rate, lack of exportability, employment instability). When The HyperMembrane System enters the market, European construction industry will benefit with a technological design&construction system that will completely fit into the current standard and globalised markets.

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