Winter School


Robust MultiObjective Optimization Platform- Optimization for industrial to Research applications - Wednesday, April 3th

At O. C. Zienkiewicz seminar room of CIMNE, C-1 building, Campus Nord UPC
Ponents: Hector Espinoza, Martí Coma Company and Jordi Pons Prats from CIMNE and METALFORM

RMOP is the CIMNE’s tool to fulfill the requirements of those requiring an optimization analysis. Developed from CIMNE’s own Research in optimization methods, this tool is devoted to a large set of users; from industrial users to researchers. RMOP, which is in continuous development, provides two optimization methods (Genetic Algorithms and Particle Swarm), as well as an easy and user-friendly graphical interface. The platform capabilities will be introduced including some relevant applications.

Conferencia: "What Happens to a Society when it Stops Making Things - Tuesday, March 19th"

Profesor Marc Madou - At Sala Multimèdia IQS

Through collaboration IQS and Social Work "la Caixa" Spain first visit Dr. Marc Madou, a scientist relevant to microfabrication. His main areas of action are microfluidics, biofuel cells and electroactive polymers.

His first actuation area has numerous patents on a microfluidic device implemented in a rotating disc that is called “compact disc”. It makes Microfluidics by centrifugal force of microliter volumes or nanoliter that allow complete of mixing very expensive or scarce reagents.