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Hydrodynamic + Sediment Transportation

Welcome to RAMWASS

The main aim of RAMWASS is to provide governmental administrators and emergency agencies tools and methodologies to assist in the risk assessment of the water-sediment-soil systems in fluvial ecosystems.

Expert Solutions

RAMWASS gives expert thorough solutions to hydrodynamic, sediment transportation and subsidence problems in three aquatic and wetland ecosystems adjacent to river basins in Europe.

- The Doņana Marshes, Spain
- The Elbe Riverland, Germany
- The Po River Delta, Italy

RAMWASS as an Emergency Assessment Tool

In the case of emergency situations, RAMWASS can provide web-based real-time results for each type of analysis with the help of intelligent algorithms such as Artificial Neural Networks.

On January the 30th, 2009 the RamWass project final meeting, will take place at the Institute of Continuous Mechanics of the University of Hannover in Germany.

The digital terrain model of the Doņana Marshes was adapted to be displayed by the map visualizer with GIS capabilities developed by the CIMNE ICT group.