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Hydrodynamic + Sediment Transportation

   First 6-Month Meeting

March 21-22 2007, Doņana, Huelva, Spain

The hydrographic confederation of the Guadalquivir River (CGH) served as host of the fist 6-month meeting on the town of El Rocio, right on the verge of the National Park of Doņana.

This meeting served to present the progress done by each partner during the first semester of the project and to express the needs and the issues that can be potentially problematic on the forthcoming work.

Juan Chans, assistant director of the park, offered a guided visit to all team members of the RAMWASS project to the Doņana Park. The natural space of Doņana counts with more than 108,000 ha. of extension and lodges a unique biodiversity in Europe. The Doņana marshes are of extraordinary importance, since it serves as crossing and hibernation site for thousands of European and African birds. Also, the park hosts unique species like the Iberian imperial eagle and the Iberian lynx.

For a detailed description and the minutes of the 1st 6-month meeting, please go to the following link and introduce your username and password (members only).