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Hydrodynamic + Sediment Transportation


Global change and human activities can exert severe impacts on the ecology of aquatic and wetland ecosystems adjacent to a river basin area, influencing in some cases the life of many human beings. The devastating impacts of recent severe contamination accidents in relevant fluvial ecosystems have sparked interest in the water-sediment-soil modeling in fluvial ecosystems worldwide.

What is RamWass?
RamWass is the acronym of Risk Assessment Model of the Water-Sediment-Soil. It is a project focused on developing a tool for the risk assessment and management of the negative impacts caused by human activities on the water/sediment/soil system in fluvial ecosystems. RamWass is a transnational project with participants from Spain, Germany and Italy. It is co-funded by the 6th Framework Program FP6-2005-Global-4 of the European Community. RamWass started on 1st September 06, and will end on 29th February 09.

Modelling of Hazards
Recent accidents show that there is a need for methods and tools to assist governmental administrators and emergency services in the risk assessment of the water-sediment-soil (WASS) system in fluvial ecosystems.

Model Data
Modern day satellite information on land surface properties and meteorological processes, combined with on-site information from state of the art sensors, are the basis for regional-scale environmental modeling.